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it takes a toll

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"Anyone familiar with local rock band Dreadnaught already knows lead guitarist Justin S. Walton is capable of dazzling acrobatics on the six-string. His new solo album, "It Takes a Toll," proves he's also remarkably adept on bass, drums, piano, organ and saxophone. Oh, and he can sing, too."

"Walton is a damn fine guitarist, and he also plays every other instrument on the disc, single-handedly producing an innovative sound that jumps from Zappa to Zeppelin to Yes."

Matt Kanner, The Wire

"Toll is an entertaining collection of 19 songs that, remarkably, manages to engage your ear for almost an entire hour. The loping country rocker "Travelin' Bone" starts things off and wins you over right away with its catchy chorus."

"Walton's got a Rolodex worth of musical styles and ideas at his fingertips. He flips through rock, funk, pop, psych, jazz and R&B like you flip through radio stations on a car trip out of state, usually employing at least two genres per song."

"Color me impressed as hell."

Chris Busby, The Bollard

"The emphasis and attention is on the various instrumental performances, which are pretty spectacular at times. And that's all the more remarkable considering Walton plays everything - guitar, bass, drums, piano/keys, even saxophone. It's one thing to go all Prince and play all the tracks, laying down basic rhythm with the drums and bass and throwing in some keyboard chords while you wail on the guitar. It's another to competently - no, expertly - solo with all of said instruments. It's impressive."

Sam Pfeifle, The Portland Phoenix

"Striking unique guitar chords, and tearing up some very complex lead sequences, it is evident what Walton's main instrument is."

"...the songs always feature creative and masterful guitar work."

Sam Shain, Capital Weekly

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