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"All three members tear into their instruments with an improvisational deftness that can be achieved only through a combination of natural talent and relentless performance."

Matt Kanner
The Wire

"High Heat & Chin Music is a double CD filled with absolutely brilliant music. '(She Got The) Bony Cleave' is a romping track that is laugh-out-loud funny... an uncanny knack for writing these incredibly memorable songs and making it seem totally effortless."

Progressive Ears

"From the ultra-funky, Southern-fried, fuzzed-out guitars to the fast-paced syncopated whoop, Dreadnaught is full of musical surprises. The long, drawn-out bass jams, the rolling keyboard ditties and the no-genre-fits-all attitude all make Dreadnaught a musical tour-de-force."

Mike Schaefer
Stowe Reporter

Remarks on Dreadnaught's Live Performance

Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code
"These guys are great!"

Tony Levin, bassist for Peter Gabriel and King Crimson
"I'll try not to gush about how good your band is."

John Updike, Pulitzer Prize-winning Author
"I want to thank the band for cooking up what I take to be the sound of terror"

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