coby carlucci

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Coby Carlucci's full length debut CD "Texarkana" contains some of my finest lead guitar work to date. But don't take my word for it - here's what some other folks had to say about it:

"...with a sound that crosses Skynyrd with REM... the playing on the disc is extraordinarily tasteful."

Jamie Perkins
Showcase Magazine

"The Musicianship on this effort is top of the line."

Michael Khouri
Northeast Peformer Magazine

"...respected players... who knew the music and what it should sound like... this is spring and summer music for the great, great outdoors."

Ben Ohmart
Music Dish

"Highlighted by the stellar guitar work of Justin Walton..."

Metronome Magazine

"...the woes of bourbon spiked with funky guitar leads."

Laura Turner Lynch

"He brought... the areas elite together to make his songs take on life. His Dreadnaught/Actual Size buddies help the most on here... This musical pedigree certainly offers the potential for a good album, but even I didn't expect the amount of greatness that spilled out of my speakers."

Jam Music Magazine

"The music is real, it's energetic, and it has substance."

The Global Muse.com

"...a wonderfully diverse and captivating record... I bet this one would sound awesome on a turntable."

The Manchester Union Leader

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