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"...of course I was very young, and I thought that we were winning."
Leonard Cohen (The Old Revolution)

"Actual Size - Brinkman" was recorded during a week long lockout at Quad Sound Studio, in the basement of Harvard University, in January 1997. The lineup of guitarist Justin S. Walton, vocalist and percussionist Jason Rayne, bassist Jeff Glenn, and drummer Torin Sjogren had been writing together since the previous May (1996) and had played only three shows at the time. Under the guidance of engineer and long time friend Justin Konrad, the quartet laid down the tracks that would form the foundation of Actual Size's repertoire in the years to come. Upon its release in the spring of 1997, BRINKMAN garnered immediate acclaim in regional music press. Although time has passed and players have come and gone, BRINKMAN remains a fresh, vibrant debut from a young band on the way up.

"They keep things spicy with tasteful improvisation, bouncy syncopation, and impressionistic lyricism. The guitar work, and especially the chordal solo at the end of 'The Duck of Love,' is refreshing."

JAM Music Magazine

"They not only play and sing well but also say it with flair... They have the entire package, and their further evolution should be rewarding to watch."

FACE Magazine

They keep things spicy with tasteful improvisation, bouncy syncopation, and impressionistic lyricism. Brinkman's six tracks are a fantastic blend of jazzy harmony with rock and roll tendency... Check them out, they won't disappoint.

Jonathan Babu
Northeast Performer

Whatever you do, don't stay away from the Brinkman.

Trebor Carey
Jam Music Magazine

While its album art depicts decaying goats, Actual Size is nowhere near as morbidly minded.

Foster's Daily Democrat Showcase
Jon McCormack

For the benefit of those of you who don't happen to have your dictionaries handy, "brinkmanship" is defined as "the art or practice of pushing a dangerous situation to the limit of safety before stopping." This is also an apt description of hte band's musical style, which stubbornly refuses to remain in a single category, but rather pushes the limits of pop and rock to include elements of jazz and funk... a blend of technical musical ability and true artistry.

Portsmouth Herald Spotlight

Shortly after forming, the band decided to oust its female singer, whom the band members "affectionately" refer to as "Crotch Bag"...

April Boyle
Face Magazine

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